A good company needs more than a good idea, it needs people who can execute on such ideas and the ability to bring Visions, to Reality.

Stephen Meade | Board Chairman and Founder

Stephen Meade, Board Chairman and Founder – As a the current Chairman of co-Founder of MonetaPro, Mr. Meade has played an integral role in developing the Company’s business model, management team, systems and strategy. Under his direction the company has created several product offerings based on the same core technology.

The “Community Commerce” aspect of the MonetaPro systems enables the company to provide a solution for members within an affinity group or specific community to buy and sell from each other, or for a single corporation to redeploy their own items and assets internally, or for business continuity operations where an organization needs to locate items they already own for quick recovery.

Mr. Meade is also the Principal in the holding company BigBamboo, LLC. (, which was formed to help bring companies from conceptualization to creation. Serving as Chairman and “Resident Rainmaker”, the company has created other entities such as-,,, Principles of Communication, MBTweeners, and several more.

Mr. Meade has been involved in e-commerce for over 13 years, having launched two other successful e-commerce ventures. This success has provided for an extended base of knowledge in the transaction processing and payment facilitation space.

In 1999 SiteVisions was created and is an ongoing concern that engages in web site and database development. The company was sold in the spring of 2000.

In 1996, Mr. Meade founded (OTC BB: VDOT), a provider of e-commerce transaction processing services for Internet-based e-tailers. Mr. Meade helped develop the transaction processing systems at VDOT. VDOT was sold in 1999 to a public company that assumed the name At it’s height, VDOT had a market cap of $950 Million.

Under his direction the company created a transaction processing system that was seamless for the consumer. VDOT provided a private labeled ecommerce engine and customized shopping cart. VDOT also used their own merchant account to process and clear online transaction and orders for hundreds of different web sites.

The company provided a service of back-end transaction processing and clearing. The selling company would receive a check and mailing label and was left to simply ship their products. The focus on actual sales and completed orders, as opposed to hits, page views or impressions, led the company to track different metrics for success- actual sales.

The end result was a hit-to-sales ratio of 6.5% versus an industry average of under 1%. In regards to shopping cart bail-out and order completion rate, the success was over 78% versus an industry average of only 16%.

VDOT- the technology, service and concept- was an early precursor to what later became PayPal.

Prior to founding VDOT, Mr. Meade was a regional vice president with Travelers Group, a Fortune 500 financial services company. His responsibilities included hiring and training a sales force with full commission positions. He was licensed in the insurance and securities industries and held a Series 6 & 63 license as well as Series 26 Principle’s license. Mr. Meade is a proven entrepreneur and leader, with a unique ability to network within high profile organizations.
A graduate of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Mr. Meade started in business when he was 18 where he created and owned retail stores which sold watches and fashion items called Times Up!

He has co-written three books in the field of credit improvement/budget and finance, which were marketed through seminars and newspapers. He also co-produced an infomercial for the product to be marketed nationwide.

Utilizing a background in sales and sales psychology, Mr. Meade brings a unique perspective to the world of online commerce and transaction processing. With the use of Neurolinguistics, logic flow, and site design, Mr. Meade has created successful, intuitive and forward thinking online business models.

The user interface of the latest company has generated such comments as; “elegant”, “wow!”, “unlike any business application that exists”, “intuitive”, and “impressive” from such luminary companies as SAP, NASA, Nebraska Economic Development, and Accenture.

Mr. Meade is a proven speaker and has been on panels, covered topics at industry events and given lectures at numerous universities including Northwestern University , University of Chicago, Loyola University, Peter Kiewit Institute, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Missouri at Kansas City, and the University of Nebraska.

Mr. Meade is a Founding Member of KnockNOW- a non-profit created to accelerate the opportunity for entrepreneurs-, is on the Advisory Board of the Chicago House of Blues, and is an avid soccer and volleyball player.

Mr. Meade is on the advisory board of the following companies: Internation House of Blues Foundation- Chicago, (, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum ( ), PC Guild, which provides a tour management solution for Bands and entertainment (, Reinvention, Inc, which provides growth strategy and marketing for Women led businesses (

Recently, Mr. Meade was selected as a judge for the prestigious global business plan challenge from Thunderbird (, and a finalist judge for e-commerce challenge.


Jay Sato | Chief Marketing Officer

Jay Sato has over 25 years of executive marketing experience at Sony Electronic Inc. As a General Manager and Vice President he was responsible for creating new product categories for Sony. He was part of the team that introduced the Compact Disc player and format in 1982. In 1985 he launched the first consumer camcorder and built the Handycam™ camcorder business into $1 billion in sales and sustained a #1 market share position that Sony still enjoys. His management responsibilities included sales, marketing, financials, innovative product development, flexible pricing structures, procurement (supply chain), impactful promotions, award-winning national TV/print advertising, ground-breaking websites, and retail-partner merchandising. He also created the first U.S. home video competition with the American Film Institute and Francis Coppola and ran the contest for 14 years.
To expand Sony’s imaging business, he created and developed Sony’s digital camera division. Within one year of introducing Sony’s Digital Mavica™ camera, Sony gained #1 market share. To expand the application and enjoyment of digital imaging, he then led a development team of engineers, operations, marketers and lawyers and set-up, Sony’s entrepreneurial venture in image sharing, printing and gifting website services. garnered almost 2 million active members in its first year and received numerous industry awards for its innovative capabilities. To elevate Sony’s other web services, he was assigned all marketing for, Sony’s eCommerce website. He supervised all advertising (TV, print, email, banner) and oversaw CRM database management and web analytics for demand generation, customer acquisition and retention.

Mr. Sato received an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He current holds 5 patents and 12 patents pending in digital imaging.