ComCom Networks

ComCom Networks™ provides Community Commerce™ transactions (“ComCom™”) – a secure walled garden, private-labeled e-Commerce engine. Affinity groups and “Communities” such as Chambers of Commerce, Professional Organizations, Alumni Associations and Business Groups, can use this proprietary platform to securely buy and sell products and services amongst themselves. ComCom Networks is operated as a hosted, web-based service so integration and upgrades are hassle-free and costs are reasonable. Design templates allow easy customization for seamless linkage to group or community’s home site and product set-ups. Using ComCom Networks, offering e-Commerce to your members or clients is now fast and easy.

The lucrative value proposition for a ComCom site extends across the breadth of stakeholders:
How you benefit from | ComComCommunity Sponsor: Compelling value-added service for existing members (retention) and significant benefit to entice new members (acquisition) beyond current offerings of directories, online classified ads, auctions and networking events. Sponsor has ability to offer “commerce” without high capital investment or IT developmental costs. Significantly, sponsor can gain revenue from a shared percentage of transaction fees or optional sign-up fees.

  • New sales channel to “trusted” customer base beyond current venues of company and retailer websites, retail locations, classified ads, auctions or direct mail to reach an obscure, public consumer
  • Access to discounted, special or limited quantity items from “trusted” source. Ability to support and bond with fellow members.
  • Sponsor can opt to allow Alliance Partner vendors (e.g. vendors of telecom services, computer equipment or office supplies to the sponsor) or member affiliated company employees to access its ComCom site with buyer-only privileges. Extending buying access through affiliates and alliance partners exponentially increases the market size and sales potential for member sellers.