RONAStar & RONAGlobal

RONAStar is a sophisticated, long-term solution to the continuous, on-going problem of underutilized assets. RONAStar offers a web-based platform that allows you or your corporation to “list and transfer” goods and services in and among your operating units by logging those assets into a centralized database, and then using our powerful search and transaction processing engines.
Once in-place, these assets are available to any participating division, department or plant via a web interface and a simple to use, yet powerful search tool. The process lets you acquire needed assets from other operating units on an as-needed basis. RONAStar replaces any current ad-hoc paper and/or electronic process of asset reallocation by providing an easy-to-use and secure process. This methodology provides for better management to both release and acquire materials, goods and services.
How you benefit from | RonaStarUsing RONAStar is the efficient way to move underutilized assets to parts of your organization quickly and easily.

RONAGlobal is “portal community” platform of RONAStar platform; enabling multiple corporations to transfer idle assets among each other.

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